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Customs declaration is one of the important stages in the process of export – import goods, the customs declaration requires the flexibility of experienced staff to handle the problems that arise and the system pages modern equipment in service delivery work most quickly. Therefore, when customs clearance, you are concerned, worried entangled in errors such as cumbersome procedures, records are difficult questions, unclear tax policy, the import and export are stalled, without knowing why? Coming to Thai Tuan Logistics, with nearly 10 years of experience, is one of the units providing customs brokerage services and professional reputation and good relations with Vietnam customs departments, confidence will help you resolve these difficulties.
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Meet customer demands, customs declaration services of our company are more and more perfect, have been contributing in a not small part to promote the strong development of the company. Our services include:
Advising clients on customs declaration forms suitable, tax access HS code, customs price pressure, as C / O, complete import duties and other tax policies related.
Notify the package cost – no extra costs incurred.
Coming to Thai Tuan Logistics, you will be committed to the process of customs clearance is completed efficiently in the shortest time.

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After more than 8 years of development, Thai Tuan LOGISTIC become one of the service providers leading domestic transport services: road transportation, sea transportation, railway transportation, air, warehousing services, consolidation, delivery services receipt, customs declaration and international shipping, leading in Vietnam.
"Thai Tuan Logistics, Low cost high efficiency"