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Multi Transportation

Multi -modal transportation service is a close connection among road transportation, sea transportation, rail transportation, aviation transportation, in coordination with the handling, storage, preservation, packaging, customs procedures coordinating appropriate means … or a combination of all the methods on how to appropriately shorten transit time, saving maximum cost to the customers.
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In Vietnam, the multi-modal transportation services are potential services but in fact have not been popular due to lack of infrastructure and weak experience of the retail service providers. Based on its existing strengths and diversity of services, along with promoting investment infrastructure facilities modern equipment, in coordination with prestigious partners serving domestic freight forwarding international, Thai Tuan Logistics company is licensed by the Ministry of Transportation provider of multi-modal transportation.
With a global network of agents in over 100 countries and a solid foundation through signed contracts with shipping lines, airlines, along with a team of domestic transportation by Professional road transportation, Thai Tuan Logistics commits to meet all the requirements of domestic and international.

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After more than 8 years of development, Thai Tuan LOGISTIC become one of the service providers leading domestic transport services: road transportation, sea transportation, railway transportation, air, warehousing services, consolidation, delivery services receipt, customs declaration and international shipping, leading in Vietnam.
"Thai Tuan Logistics, Low cost high efficiency"